Formcase History
FORMCASE's commitment to environmentally friendly requirements has led the company to use Engineering wood as its core materials. The engineering wood is applied with a surface of durable laminate or natural wood veneer. We use only the selected finest veneers which are originally sliced From logs to maintain the natural beauty of wood. All materials mostly originate from Australia, Europe, and USA.
Finishing is done using UV and Urethane coatings through a multi-layer process, resulting in the hardest and most durable finishes. The UV and Urethane coatings protect the furniture from heat, harmful Direct sunlight, abrasions, and spills.
The finish is resistant to chemicals and does not contain Formaldehyde. To keep the long-lasting beauty finishes, just simply wipe with a clean damp cloth. It is maintenance free and provides a long-term pleasure at your workplace.